Lokesh Ghiya on Contree

Contree came into my life when I was struggling to move forward in making a change for the built environment. The journey I have lived with all of them takes a special space in my life. I have lived a few moments of joy and hardships, with the team. This brings me to remember those instances when we would work tirelessly for days but return back with better energy levels. It's great to acknowledge the pool of generous volunteer Contree has created and I feel exuberant to be a part of them. I forward my thanks to Team Contree in allowing me 'Redefining the spirit of Jaipur'.

Lokesh Ghiya
Anant Fellow & Civil Engineer
Nivedita Mitra on Contree

It has been more than a year since I became a part of the Contree family. All of us talk about changing society and the world, but they are actually trying to do that, and volunteering with them gave me an opportunity to contribute my part towards the change. I have been a part of their Rang De Jaipur and Government School makeovers and there are more projects they work on. They organize so many other projects like the Smiling Bag project, Plant a Hope campaign and many more. It has always been a really enjoyable experience working with them, I wish them good luck for the future and hope that they continue doing these projects.

Nivedita Mitra
Artist & Interior Designer