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India is home to 1.2 million NGOs with a collective funding of 18,000 crore INR in the last decade. But where is the impact?

With a population as vast as ours, more than money - we need more feet on the ground. More than armchair activism on social media, we need to invest time - to bring about change with our bare hands. When you volunteer for an event at an NGO (even for 2-3 hours/week) you create a bigger impact than all the money put together

Awareness is good,

Action is better!

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Thanks to you! We’ve helped execute 100+ on ground social projects which brought 5000+ people to contreebute to the causes

Sensitised 75000 citizens towards responsible citizenship and active volunteering & its positive impacts

Generated 10,000+ skill contribution hours in one year

Saved Rs. 1 Crore worth of public money through skill contribution.



NGOs & Social Organisations


Schools & Colleges



This is just the beginning.

We need you as allies on this journey of changing the social, cultural and economic climate of India.

Why NGOs Choose Contree


Our research team simplifies the nuances of the problem and produces communication that helps a Contree Volunteer to become aware of your event in order to Contreebute effectively.

Volunteer Central

We promise you dedicated and informed volunteers who will help your events achieve their desired results.

Visible Social Impact

We stand united with you in reimagining India as a thriving nation rid of its prevailing social, cultural and economic maladies.

Our Collaborations

Bridging the gap

Why Volunteer with Contree?

We bring forth the plethora of causes that need help and make it easy for you to pick that you resonate with. When you Volunteer for an NGO with Contree, you create tangible social impact on ground

Why should NGOs collaborate with Contree?

To hire skilled volunteers best suited to your event could be a daunting task. At Contree, we assure you of amazing volunteers to help your initiatives reach their desired goal.

Contree’s in-house project

Project Rang De

When we call a particular city our home, it’s usually because our house is located there. With Rang De, we yearn to make people feel at home in their city. We decorate our houses to add a personal touch. In the same way, Rang De is a movement that brings a city’s residents together to paint & decorate the stray walls of their city.

Project Bhoomika

Our motto is to inculcate safe menstrual health management among govt. school girls and women living in slums. We conduct workshops to discuss puberty, reproduction, reproductive health, use of sanitary pads and their disposal amongst other related issues. At the end of each workshop, we provide the attendees with a Contree Care Kit that comprises of.

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